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Switchboards will never be the same again.

Introducing the World’s First Patented— Flexible SmartBoards™

The New Generation of SwitchBoards that gives you the power to
control your appliances, lights, fans, and much more, from your mobile. 

Witness the future, today

Works in any home

Saved my time and efforts

As a Stock Broker, every bit of time and effort matters.
Running around switchboards was a total waste. 

Shabri Kun, Quays - Singapore

Netflix Nights Got Better

The worst thing about Netflix and Chilling was
getting out of bed to control lights. Now, no more!

Marie Shaw, Bengaluru - India

New House & New SmartBoards

After 6 months of research, I went ahead with Next Home.
Within 4 months, I bought eight more during renovation

Aarav Sheth, Mumbai - India

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