About us

We challenge bureaucrats who refuse to innovate their pathetic products.


Our Story

Something is wrong with the world.”
-This thought provoked & sparked our journey.

We truly believe that there is a disconnect between the
products we deserve and products we have to settle with.

So, we set out to build a company that makes products
for individuals who expect great quality and
flawless experiences, just like us.

And our customers are glad that we did.




Who are we making for?

who are bold to stand out
who challenge status quo
who love doing things online
who want magical experiences
who value aesthetics as much as function
who cannot waste time doing menial tasks
who are visionary enough to see value, not price
We are making it for individuals just like us,

Who choose not to compromise 




We are Hustlers

Great companies require extraordinarily talented individuals
who sleep, breathe, eat, think, about making products that they can be proud of.


Ashutosh Gupta - CEO Vinay Thakur - CDO
Harsh Bhikadia - CTO Praveen Khichar - COO
Rakshith NP - Senior Embedded Hardik Vinchhi - Embedded Software
Dhinesh Kumar - Senior Mechanical Aravindh - PCB Fabrication
Vijendra Choudhary - Product Technician
This can be you.
Multiple Positions Available



Join Us. Make Your Impact

Associate yourself with the feeling of developing products that make you feel proud, and remembered long after you are gone.

 We are always hiring